A catch up!

Hello stranger, long time no speak! How are you?

I’ve been such a busy bee that I haven’t blogged in almost TWO weeks! Naughty! So, I thought i’d better have a bit of a catch up and tell you about the awesome stuff i’ve been working on and let you know about some blog posts that are coming up soon!

Catching up…

The Wedding Reporter website and new look blog launched complete with new logo and branding and it was IMMENSE. I was blown away by the amazing feedback, I couldn’t even keep up with the stream of incredible tweets! You can read some of them here.
Coming up…

Design case studies of the new logo and branding!

Catching up…

I’ve provided bespoke stationery for styled shoots with some fabulous suppliers recently, including a shoot with the brilliant Babb Photo to promote an amazing new range of wedding dresses by new company Dita Florita (launching soon – follow on twitter to stay up to date!) and a quirky and interesting shoot with Marry Me Ink – I’ve pinned stuff onto apples, hung out with a skeleton named Eric and shoved an Ox heart into a jar. I can’t wait to share the themes and stationery that I created for these shoots as they were both right up my street!
Coming up…
Once the shoots have been blogged elsewhere i’ll share the stationery I created for these shoots! I love being able to work with such amazing people and can’t wait to show you the results.

Source: laboomeria.tumblr.com via Leah on Pinterest


Catching up..
Golden Apple and Leah Spicer Creative both had facelifts!
Coming up..
I’ll let you know what’s changed and why!

Catching up…

I entered the Wedding Industry Awards!
Coming up…
How to vote for me and what it would mean to me if I won.


Catching up…

I chose my three work experience candidates from a ton of amazing applicants. I’m meeting them all this week and I can’t wait for you to meet them too! I also purchased employers insurance and it felt very real and exciting.
Coming up…
Meet my lovely new work experience staff and find out more about them!

Source: thingsweforget.blogspot.com via bananie on Pinterest

Catching up…

Sara Reeve Photography and Asian Wedding Ideas both unveiled their new logos (by me!) in April.
Coming up…
Design case studies of course!

Catching up…

I’ve worked on some exciting bespoke wedding stationery projects recently, including an Alice in Wonderland set that i’m particularly proud of and a super cool festival ticket design. I also made my Brighton beach themed wedding invitation design in Hungarian, which was awesome and really interesting – I learnt a lot about the language from my lovely bride & groom 🙂
Coming up…
I’ll share it with you lovely people! I’ll also be showing off some gorgeous new card stock options and adding some new designs to my existing design ranges, which i’ve been meaning to do for aaages.

Source: google.com via starlightfairy on Pinterest


– We had Scratch ‘done’ – he looked so sad when we picked him up but is still as ‘mad as a box of badgers’ (quote from Cloggins!) and is ready to play again despite his annoying plastic ‘lampshade’ collar!

Ali Lovegrove stayed over last week and we ate chicken dippers, drank wine, made some very exciting plans and literally sobbed for the whole evening whilst watching Britain’s Got Talent and The Notebook.

– I’ve become addicted to Texts From Dog. It’s amazing.. have a look.

– I considered entering Come Dine With Me. Then changed my mind.

Lucy Stendall introduced me to Rachel Khoo‘s Little Paris Kitchen. I watched the whole series on my day off and immediately bought the book and a new madeleine tray. I’m now MEGA excited about my trip to Paris later this year. It’s still available on iPlayer – if you love food and Paris I recommend that you watch it!

Source: goo.gl via Elin on Pinterest

That’s about it for now.. i think! Lots of awesome posts coming up (I hope) so have a lovely evening and let’s catch up soon ok?


Leah x



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3 responses to “A catch up!

  1. What an exciting couple of weeks. Looking forward to hearing about how I can vote for you in TWIAs 🙂

  2. Nice catching up with YOU, Miss Spicer, you busy little bee!

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