As I was walking home from the gym this morning I spotted a homeless guy further up the road.

I prepared myself to apologise for my lack of change, however as I passed by he didn’t ask as I had expected, he simply said “hello”.

Source: Uploaded by user via Ella on Pinterest

I turned to look at him and he just smiled at me. He couldn’t have been that much older than me – probably about 29/30. I smiled back and continued on my way, but as I was walking away I couldn’t stop thinking. He hadn’t asked my for my spare change, he had simply wanted to see a friendly face. It made me feel really sad and it was all I could do not to go back and ask him if he wanted a cup of tea or some breakfast, but I was ‘too busy’. I’m still thinking about it now. Imagine if it was me, and I was homeless with nowhere to go and nobody to speak to – a cup of tea and a smile would mean the world. Even now i’m still thinking about making some sandwiches and taking them into town for him.

I didn’t even say ‘hello’ back, I just smiled and carried on walking.

I’ve been thinking I might volunteer at a homeless shelter one night a week – do any of you volunteer? What have your experiences been like?

Leah xx



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3 responses to “Homeless

  1. I’ve never volunteered for a homeless charity but I have dealt with many homeless people. I still feel uncomfortable giving money but do try and give something food-like to people I know and see on a regular basis. Usually it’s the piece of fruit I have on me. Yay for vitamin C!

  2. Aww this is really sweet. I have only ever volunteered at events but would like to do something like this too. Agree with above I wouldn’t give money easily but would definitely give a cup of tea or something to eat xox

  3. Volunteering is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. Your work is very sensitive – you would be great in that environment – you are sure to gain as much as you are giving. With your skills, you could easily start a participatory project with a group you are interested in working with.. Be the change…good luck!

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