Guided tours, giggles and guffaws – behind the scenes of the wedding reporter photoshoot!

This time last week I was running around the house like a headless chicken; sweeping mopping, hiding the washing up, spraying Scratch with his sugar cookie deodorising spray (yes my dog smells of cookies) and generally making the place look presentable!

My two favourite girls, Emma (the wedding reporter) and Ali (ali lovegrove photography) were coming over for the day, hurrah!

After tea and chat (whilst fending off my over excited puppy) we set off into Leicester city centre to take some photos of the lovely new books that I had created for Emma. As a dedicated Leicestrian (I love my city!) I took them on a nice long walk to show them all of the lovely historical parts of the city. Ali & Emma were both convinced that they were coming into some kind of ghetto (“Will my car get stolen?”) so I wanted to show them how nice Leicester could be!

I thought that The Guildhall (with its beautiful furniture, big old books and historic charm) would be perfect for the photographs, with Newark House gardens nearby for any outdoor shots we might need.

We walked into town via Bow Bridge, Castle Gardens, St Mary de Castro Church, Leicester Castle and Newark House, Emma and I giving Ali a lesson about Richard III along the way. (If you’re interested you can find out more about Richard III’s connection with Leicester here)

After a delicious Mrs Bridges breakfast we proceeded to the Guildhall, where Ali took many photographs, much to the amusement of the 30 odd children who were enjoying an indoor snowball fight and treasure hunt in the next room!

After all of the hard work, Ali became sleepy and decided to take a nap…night night Ali!

Such dedication to getting the perfect shot!

Here are some of Ali’s photographs from the day…

We had such a fab day, full of silliness and laughter! It was great to have a day off to spend time with two lovely people who I don’t get to see very often.

If you would like to see more photographs of Emma’s gorgeous books you’ll have to head over to Ali’s blog – click here to do so!

You can also read extracts of Emma’s beautiful wedding reports here.

Have a lovely day!

Leah xx



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4 responses to “Guided tours, giggles and guffaws – behind the scenes of the wedding reporter photoshoot!

  1. Ahhh this was a nice surprise, what a lovely post. So lovely to spend time with you both, despite the repeated verbal abuse disguised by big clever words you both know I don’t know! I’m sure you will have people offering you jobs as a Leicester tour guide, you were rubbish though so hopefully not šŸ™‚ I didn’t mean that, I learnt a lot :s xx

  2. Awwww. Can I come next time. This looks like too much fun.

  3. I walked past ‘Prezzo’ yesterday and could hear Ali’s little voice in my head calling it ‘Pretso’, which made me giggle to myself.

    You ladies make me incredibly happy and I couldn’t be more proud of our collaboration and subsequent frenemyship. x x

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