You may remember that earlier on in the week I scrapped my 366 reasons to be happy project, as quite frankly, it’s a bit boring, everyone seems to be doing it and I didn’t have time to do it every single day! I still wanted to carry on with a personal project though, so here it is… the adventures of pixel girl! All of the awesome stuff that has happened to me over the last week, in comic form!

There you have it – the very first of pixel girl’s adventures! I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Leah xx



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12 responses to “THE ADVENTURES OF PIXEL GIRL! Week 1

  1. Hi Leah – this is amazing & I absolutely love it! it’s much better & more fun than the one in the Mail on Sunday magazine. Get knocking on some doors – you need to be national! xxx

  2. Ah Leah this is so cool! You are such a talent young lady 😀

  3. Love this Leah! Fun to read, fab illustrations + huge congrats on the launch of Leah Spicer Creative + The Wedding Spinners 🙂 Xx

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  5. This is brilliant, wish i was this talented!! You have your fingers in so many pies busy bee! Good Luck with everything 🙂

    Jo xoxo

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