366 reasons to be happy – 11/1/2012 {snap happy}

Eeeeeek i finally ordered my Christmas present yesterday, a new camera! My trusty digital camera that i’d had for 6 years finally died about 6 months ago and i’ve been lost without it. Friends of mine will have missed my annoying habit of photographing EVERYTHING and facebook friends will have noticed a distinct lack of albums documenting every event I attend.

But no more! My new Sony cybershot something or other is arriving on Friday, just in time for an exciting weekend – fun times (and important business brainstorming) with Ali on Saturday, our shoot on Sunday morning and the Golden Apple party on Sunday – HOORAY!

Source: thefancyfarmgirl.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

Leah xx



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2 responses to “366 reasons to be happy – 11/1/2012 {snap happy}

  1. I got really confused when I read this because of the date- I thought you were saying “November 1 is when my new camera arrives!” Oooh America!

    • Leah Spicer

      That would be a super long wait for a new camera – I would not be happy about that! 😉 Ahh yes i forgot that you guys write dates the other way around!

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