366 reasons to be happy – 9/1/2012 {new diary}

Eeeeek i finally bought myself a 2012 diary!! I’ve been moaning about not having one yet for the past week, so last night me and Joe made the trip to Paperchase, and choose a lovely new diary for me to scribble in.

First I went straight to this one, the biggest one I could see, which had A4, snake skin with Silver edging…

Source: paperchase.co.uk via Leah on Pinterest

Classy no? But somehow it just didn’t feel right – it was gorgeous but I think it was a bit TOO much, I don’t think it would fit into any of my bags for a start!

So i chose this one instead! A4, linen bound with a lovely geometric grid pattern! Fits nicely into my bag, but still has a day per page. Do you like it?

Source: paperchase.co.uk via Leah on Pinterest

In other news yesterday…
We bought a PS3 for Joe – this made me happy as he has wanted for ages!
We also picked up some super soft and fluffy matching dressing gowns to wear whilst we’re playing it! (Yes, we’re massive geeks!)
I bought 6 gorgeous cutglass wine glasses from a charity shop for 10p each!

I hope there were lots of things that made you happy yesterday!

Leah xx


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