I am sooooo addicted to Pinterest. It’s rammed full of gorgeous images, ideas and inspiration and I can spend hours trawling through it, taking in all of the prettiness.

I’ve split mine into a few different boards…
style, fashion, tattoos – how I would love to look and outfits to swoon over
love, smiles, words, inspiration – gorgeous quotes, cute images and nice things
paper, design, craft, type – lovely craft projects and stunning design work
weddings, parties – cute event ideas and pretty dresses
gorgeous food and drink – domestic goddessery and yumminess

It’s a fantastic place for compiling moodboards too – the best thing is that all images link to where they came from so it’s really easy to credit images too. You can even embed images directly into blog posts for simple linking.

Source: via Christa on Pinterest

Go check out my Pinterest page, and sign up yourself – you will love it!

Leah xx



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3 responses to “Pinspiration

  1. My new year’s resolution was to utilise my Pinterest much more but I fear it may be my new addiction. I use it to reward myself – “Write 100 more words and you can spend 5 minutes on Pinterest”; I use it as entertainment by utilising the app on my phone when I’m bored on the bar; and I use it as a sedative – “I’ll just do some pinning to turn my brain off before I go to sleep.”

    I think it’s just genius!

    • Leah Spicer

      Haha i do that too! I’ve just finished today’s first task with 15 minutes to spare so I’m rewarding myself with a coffee and a Pinterest session…

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