Farewell 2011!

Good morning lovelies! *Warning* This is a mega essay tye blog post…

I was just putting together my New Years Resolutions and goals for the year ahead, and started to think about all of the great things i’ve acheived over 2011…

In January I started working on Golden Apple Full time- It was scary and daunting, but it was the best thing ever and i’m so glad I finally took the leap. It’s now been a WHOLE YEAR since I started and I can’t quite believe it!

Source: fromupnorth.com via Leah on Pinterest

Here’s a recap of my year in a nutshell, and a few ‘Thank You’ notes too…

It started off kind of quietly – I crammed in as many wedding fairs as possible and started to get to grips with facebook and most importantly, twitter, which turned out to be one of the best tools ever – i’ve met so many people through twitter, and found so much support and inspiration through the site – thank you to all my tweeps!

At the beginning of March I met the first of many lovely suppliers who I have become firm friends with over the past year when I received the loveliest email from Lucy Stendall Photography who had just discovered my website and got in touch to say hello – i’m so glad she did! šŸ™‚

The 1st April was a big date for me – my would-be wedding day. I won’t go into it fully, but let’s just say that it was a narrow escape! If you’re interested you can read a bit more about it here. I went out for drinks with friends to celebrate, and whilst I was sipping margaritas in real life, there was also a fabulous party in full swing on twitter, thrown by a lovely new acquaintance, Cloggins, who I had recently started tweeting after discovering her fantastic new concept, The Wedding Reporter.

To say I was thrilled and excited when I received her email a few weeks later requesting MY design assistance (titled “Design help required, probably, I think…” – classic cloggins) is a massive understatement! Out of all of the designers she could have chosen, I had been picked to work on this AMAZING idea!! Hooray! We’ve worked on so many amazing projects since then, with loads more to come, and Emma has been constantly inspiring and supporting me over the last year – I cannot thank you enough!

Another exciting event that month was the launch of my new side project, The Leicester Wedding Club, a networking group that I set up for Leicester wedding suppliers and professionals to get together to chat and share ideas. The launch event at the City Rooms was an amazing success and i was absolutely thrilled with the turn out! It was fantastic to meet Chloe Adlington from Adore by Chloe for the first time, a lady who had been a great source of inspiration and friendship over the past year.

In May, I took on my first ’employee’ my adorable puppy, Scratch. I had wanted a puppy for a while, and my boyfriend finally gave in and said YES! Click here to meet Scratch.

I also started outsourcing some of my printing to the amazing Bamb Bamb, who is incredible and made made my life so much easier!

Also during May, Phoebe from So You’re Getting Married got in touch to feature me as part of her Stationery Week, and i’m glad she did as we have become fabulous friends over the past few months – she is a very lovely (pretentious) lady and I’m hoping that we are finally going to meet very soon over a (large) gin and tonic.

In June I met another amazing supplier who has now become a wonderful friend who I adore! Ali Lovegrove Photography worked on the shoot photographing the booklets that I created for The Wedding Reporter and after seeing the wonderful images we got to chatting on twitter and began exchanging emails. The rest, as they say, is history and since then we’ve worked on some amazing projects and been on some very exciting adventures! Thank you Ali for being so suportive and lovely and I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings for you šŸ™‚

Golden Apple was also featured on Rock n Roll Bride in June, thank you Kat for such a lovely write up, and providing me with fabulous inspiration over the past year!

In July I created a new logo and website branding for Military Wedding Discounts – Emma, who runs the site, is another incredible lady who has inspired and helped me and who I am hoping to finally meet in 2012!

I also created the new logo and blog branding for The Wedding Reporter, which I was so pleased with!

That month I also received an invitation to the fabulous Love My Dress Summer Soiree, which I was absolutely thrilled to bits about – there would be so many people in attendance that I couldn’t wait to meet! After putting out a dress SOS on the blog I received an email from Louise from Oh My Honey who offered to send me the most amazing dress to wear for the occasion – I couldn’t believe it! Louise is one of the coolest ladies i know and her dresses are amazing – I’ve been so lucky to have worn 5 of them this year!

On to August, and I made the trip to Newcastle to attend the fabulous Summer Soiree. The dress was incredible, the company was wonderful and the event was beautiful and glamourous. Click here to see the dress and read more about what I got up to, and who I met. It was especially lovely to meet Elle is for Love, who has been so lovely and supportive this year, as well as my lovely hotel buddy, Anna and the Ring, The Bijou Bride and so many others! šŸ™‚ Thank you to Annabel for putting on the event of the year, which was an amazing opportunity for so many of us to meet, and also for writing such a wonderful inspiration blog!

September was a month of exciting emails as Ali Lovegrove, Lousie Oh My Honey and I planned for an exciting project...

…which took place on the first weekend in October – our Brighton Beach Fairground shoot – eeeek! I dressed up in the most AMAZING gown (designed and handmade by Lousie) and pranced about on the beach. It was so much fun. Here are my highlights from the weekend. It was also the first time I met Ali, and as expected we got along like a house on fire during the hilarious road trip!
image – ali lovegrove photography

Also during October..
The Wedding Reporter went full time- Hooray for Cloggins!
I had a wonderful shoot in my studio with Lucy Stendall – i love my new About Me images – thank you Lucy!
Ali & I hosted the Big Pink Breastcancer Fundraiser and Ali dyed her hair PINK for charity!

November was another jam packed month which saw me travelling to St Albans for the Bijou Bride‘s fabulous Wedding Wonderland, and the Leicester Wedding Club cocktail party taking place. The cocktail party was another success for the wedding club, and I was so happy to meet some lovely people for the first time including Rachael from Marry Me Ink and Jaye & Nick from Tux and Tales.

And finally, we come to December!
At the beginning of the month I travelled to London to attend another fabulous party – Anna and the Ring’s Ringbash! I drank delicious cocktails, met some lovely people for the first time and caught up with others, and a fabulous night was had by all!

I made the decision to split my business into two – Golden Apple Designs for weddings, and Leah Spicer Creative for logos, graphics and other creative design. Thank you (again) to Cloggins for inspiring me to do this! I can’t wait to launch the new website šŸ™‚

Also in December, the Brighton Beach Shoot was featured on Love My Dress! Hooray! šŸ™‚ Thank you again to all of the lovely suppliers involved in this shoot šŸ™‚

To top off the month, I also had my work featured on Rock n Roll Bride as part of the most incredible, magical shoot created by my lovely friends the Bijou Bride and Oh My Honey, photographed by the mega talented Babb Photo. This was a wonderful surprise as I had no idea that my work was being used for the shoot! Click here to head over and check it out, it is so stunning!

And there you have it… 2011 in 1300(ish) words!
It’s been pretty amazing and it wasn’t until i wrote it all down that i realised just how awesome it was, so thank you all, and if you’re coming to Golden Apple’s First Birthday Party on 15th I will see you there for cocktails and fun!

Source: someprints.com via Leah on Pinterest

My new years resolutions are coming up later..

Much Love!

Leah x



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6 responses to “Farewell 2011!

  1. Cannot wait for the party, where we can toast your success with cocktails woo hoo!

  2. How lovely and what a wonderful year. Thanks so much for the mention and your lovely, lovely words. Here’s to 2012. xx

  3. Oh gee, golly gosh, I’m feeling a little emotional right now! Love you spicy Spicer and would be lost without you. Here’s to a year jam-packed full of over-excited, rambling emails and plots for world domination. x

  4. A great post my lovely šŸ™‚ So happy to be a part of it and looking forward to more exciting stuff for this year, you special girl šŸ™‚ xx

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