Hooray for Cloggins!

As you may know, the lovely Emma from The Wedding Reporter is working her last day in the day job today, so that she can provide us with her wonderful words, wisdom and wit on a full time basis!


As soon as I found out about The Wedding Reporter I fell in love with the idea, and i am so so pleased that it’s becoming such a huge success! Good Luck Emma, it’s been so awesome working alongside you these past few months – I know that you’re going to do amazingly well! You rock! 🙂

Please show her some love in the comments box below!

Leah x
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22 responses to “Hooray for Cloggins!

  1. Congratulations my lovely! You are such a superstar and you will do truly amazing things. I'm here for anything you need me for and can't wait to see you change the wedding industry, no pressure 😉 love you! Xx

  2. I have no doubt that you'll go from strength to strength now that you're free to be The Wedding Reporter 100% of the time. You deserve HUGE pats on the back for being so brave and taking it full time, you will do wonderfully and I can't wait to see where this journey takes you. Best of luck and love from your little fan 🙂 xx

  3. What a wonderful step you are taking!! I've been in awe of your wonderful words since I found you on twitter and I am so excited that you will be reporting on our wedding next year. I wish you every success in your future self-employment!! Very best of luck, I can't wait to track your journey through twitter and the blogging world!


  4. Hooray for Cloggins indeed!! For taking that step and following your dreams.
    I wish you lots of love and success for your incredibly exciting future! I know you'll be brilliant!


  5. Woop! Wishing you lots and lots of luck in your future endeavours as a fabulous wedding reporter. I can't wait to see what wonderful weddings you shall be reporting from. You truly are an inspiration. Lots of Love


  6. I have no doubt that The Wedding Reporter is going to be a great success. I'm just relieved that I got to know you before you became a global superstar! I admire and appreciate all your hard work and am looking forward to you going full time so that I can infiltrate your inbox even more! Great things are definitely waiting for you. Love from me, Alfie and the Giant Cats! x

  7. Dear Emma,

    You are by far the most eloquent of people and I have no doubt whatsoever that you will be hugely sucessful with your FULL TIME {eeek} role as The Wedding Reporter.

    I've heard your new boss is pretty cool and keep's skittles in her desk drawer…

    Best wishes and loads of love for the future, you deserve it

    Colette xxxxxxxx

    Ps {I wrote this sitting up straight, you have that affect on me} xxxxxxxx

  8. Congratulations on being brave and following your dream – it will of course be a massive success. Wishing you fun, frolics and nothing but lovely clients.


  9. So proud of you and so excited to be going on this journey at the same time. A massive congratulations and here any time you need any help, promotion or encouragement. Sara xxxx

  10. Welcome to wedding-weirdo world. My shop door is always open to you! I feel I can safely say that whilst you're in Bristol.
    Promise you won't get up and just rearrange your sock drawer tomorrow…
    Love and best wishes

    Emma x

  11. A message from Vicky Trainor, as silly blogger won't let her comment….


    So excited for you Emma. You have lots of wonderful chapters infront of you. Much love, Vicky. xxx

  12. Emma,

    I'm so incredibly happy hat you have managed to take this brave step and make The Wedding Reporter your full time occupation. Your passion and talent is apparent to everyone and we know you are going to be so successful.
    Just remember I knew you when 🙂


    Abbie x

  13. Woohoo! Congratulations on taking the big leap to self-employment, you will enjoy every minute of it I promise, and Im sure you'll be reporting on massive celebrity weddings very soon 🙂

    Hope you've had a wonderful last day at the day job, and hope you have lots of gorgeous breakfast items for tomorrow morning for your first day working for yourself 🙂

    Good luck

    Lauren xx

  14. From MrsPandP…


    Lady you ROCK THE WORLD – To my lovely Emma, aka Cloggins, aka the Wedding Reporter , aka just really awesome old bean.

    Best wishes and loads of luck in this brand new adventure. You will be an enormous success.

    Treat every day as exciting, use challenges as stepping stones and don't take no for an answer.

    You will be a global phenomenon, mark my words – love ali aka MrsPandP xxx

  15. Congratulations lovely on this huge and exciting next 'chapter' in your life. It has been lovely to see you go from bride to business and I look forward to many more riveting reports from you.

    Charley xo

  16. Big 'ole whoop for taking the next step – with a name like yours, you were never going to be anything else but a literary heroine, right?

  17. Big love and luck with everything flower….! It will be the best thing you have ever done. Fact. x Steph

  18. Waahooooo!!! GO GO GO CLOGGY!
    Congratulations for making that scary leap into self-employment…you won't regret it I promise! Big huge luck on your new venture, I am absolutely sure you will be a MASSIVE success and will take the world by storm!
    Bottoms Up! *chink*
    love from Heidi xxx
    aka Mrs Kipperchops (Giddy Kipper)

  19. Oh darling,

    I wish I could sum up in a sentence how excited and proud of you I am.

    I just want leave London (for a day) and hug you unconscious. (Be warned!)

    I want to steal your mind grapes of geniusness. (I won't though – that would be rude.)

    I heart you,
    Anna xxxx

  20. For someone who is about to make a living out of words I find myself alarmingly at a loss to express my gratitude to ALL of you for this amazing outpouring of support and love. Many of you have been there for me since the start (or even before I came up with the crazy idea) and I am honoured and thrilled to be able to now call you my colleagues as well as friends.

    Leah: you're amazing for organising this and I must remember to reward you at The Wedding Reporter staff Christmas party! This was so sweet of you and thank you for all your help with prettiness so far.

    Ok, so maybe I wasn't at THAT much of a loss for words…!

    Thanks and love to you all! xxx

  21. Congratulations Emma! So pleased for you and wish you all the very best! Em xxxx

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