Leah Who?! {monday musings}

I have been absent from twitter, facebook and blogland for about a week now, but it’s ok, panic over – i’m back!

We moved house last week and it was the craziest most stressful few days ever. I’m not sure how but we managed to fit enough stuff into a teeny tiny one bedroom flat to pretty much fill a 3 bedroom house! But it’s all good – we’re in!

We don’t have any tv service, phone line or internet yet (thank you amazing neighbours for giving me your wifi password – YOU ROCK!) and we have slept on the sofas for the past 3 nights as our bed won’t go up the stairs but WE’RE IN!

Puppy face has a garden to play in, I have a studio (YES! A whole room just for me!) and the BF has a lovely new music room in the loft so… YAY!

I’ve been listening to this this morning, with the sun streaming in and a very happy puppy prancing around his new digs 🙂 It has to be one of the happiest songs ever right?

There is still lots of unpacking to do and second coats of paint to be painted and furniture to be built and people to be notified but for now I must catch up with all of the emails that I have so poorly neglected over the past week of madness – so sorry everyone, thank you for your patience and there will be an email from me waiting in your inbox at some point today!!

I also need to blog about the amazing Love my Dress Summer Soiree, and to tell you all about the incredible Oh My Honey dress that I was sooo lucky to wear on the night, which I will definitely be doing at some point this week!

Lots of love!

Leah x

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3 responses to “Leah Who?! {monday musings}

  1. Congrats Leah! Moving is exhausting but hopefully you're new house will be full of happiness and totally worth it!


  2. sounds fab, a studio AND a music room! Amazing. Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home!

  3. Yay for more space! We've had bed-stair trouble in the past so I feel your pain! Hope you can get it sorted!

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