{monday musings} AUGUST!

Pinch, punch, first day of the month, NO RETURN!

It’s August, how exciting! August is one of my favourite months, and this year with added awesomeness as there is so much fabulous stuff going on!

MY DRESS IS ARRIVING for the Love My Dress Soiree! I might die with excitement!
*update* IT’S HERE!! Click here to read more 🙂

3rd August
It’s the LOVE MY DRESS SOIREE! Argh – I am stupidly excited!

I’ll be travelling up there with lovely ladies Chloe Adlington and Ali Lovegrove. Bring on the girly road trip – i’ll bring the sweeties 🙂

Then on to the party where i’ll get to meet SO many lovely people for the very first time, as well as catching up with others…

Emma from The Wedding Reporter
Elle from Elle Stationery
Anna from Anna and the Ring
Debs from Ruffles & Pearls
Abby from Tattybojangles Vintage Hen House
Lucy Stendall Photography
Alexandre from The Bijoux Bride
Loads of others that I can’t remember right now!

…and not forgetting the lovely Annabel from Love my Dress, who has planned the fabulous event! Hooray for Annabel!! 🙂

12th August
Finally, after almost 2 years of living in the teeniest tiniest 1 bedroom flat known to man, we are moving into a HOUSE! A real proper house with rooms and stairs everything. And an OVEN. Believe it or not, my flat has no oven. It’s not the kind of thing you think to check for when you’re looking at flats but alas, when i has moved in I realised there wasn’t one! Crazy! I can’t wait to make a big fat roast dinner as soon as we move! 🙂

I’m turning the dining room into my studio, so that my lovely customers will be able to come and see me, rather than lugging all of my stuff to a cafe or bar. HOORAY!

Thursday 18th
It’s my birthday! I’ll be planning some drinks on the Saturday so local people would be more than welcome to come along – i’ll keep you posted! 🙂

The last week of August is a bit boring, but I think i’ll need it after all the excitement, before moving on to a month full of Wedding fairs and of course the Leicester Wedding Club Summer Garden Party in September!

Happy August!

Leah x
twitter: @leahgoldenapple

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