Copycat? Or inspired cat?

I have something to say!

Its about copying.
A lot of people are complaining about it on twitter, blogs, facebook etc so here is my take on it…


You fall in love with an amazing dress by a couture, high end designer. It’s beautiful – exactly what you’ve been looking for!

BUT there’s a catch…

It’s £5,000! There’s no way you can afford that.

But then…

you spot it…

… a smiliar dress in a high street shop!

It’s only £60, and it’s so similar! And what do you do? YOU BUY IT!

You don’t stand there and think… this is a copy, so I’m not going to buy it (or maybe you do – if you do then i’m not sure how you ever buy clothes!)

People follow trends and are inspired by other people’s work. If a certain style is ‘in fashion’ and there is a demand for that style then of course other people are going to create similar items that will appeal to their target audience. The wedding industry is no different.

I’m not saying blatant, outright copying is okay, quite the opposite – it’s completely wrong and totally unfair, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with inspiration, or following trends! There is a difference!

So unless something is a complete carbon copy of something of yours, which is exactly the same then you can’t really moan about it.

I was sitting here earlier reading another post about copying and I thought…

What if i’ve created something that’s a little bit similar to someone elses without even realising?”

I do have a little search before I make a new design, just to make sure that i’m not treading on anyones toes, but I can’t check everywhere. I could receive an email any day now accusing me of stealing an idea, when I actually haven’t.

I even worry about using certain fonts in case somebody else has used it, which is ridiculous!

I think we all need to chill out a bit!! What do you think?

Leah x
twitter: @leahgoldenapple

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6 responses to “Copycat? Or inspired cat?

  1. Leah this is exactly how I feel! Its such a minefield! I'm constantly worrying that I'm copying someone just because my design is based around the same trend or a similar print … my other half keeps telling me to not stress so much!
    But you're right blatant out and out copying is horrendous!

  2. It's mad isn't it! I've even been worried about using certain fonts in case i'm accused of copying!

  3. I think it's difficult. I think it's fair to say that copying is usually bad.

    Yet in the same thought I know I've come up with things I've never seen before but would look like blatant copying if I did talk about them.

    Hmm, I'm getting confused. Again! I may have to have a proper think!!

  4. I took at a photo at my last wedding and it wasn't until I got home that I realised that it was quite similar to a photo I saw another photographer post. It wasn't intentional, I’d obviously taken some inspiration from her and subconsciously used it in my own work.

    I think when you’re working in creative industries and you are exposed to other people’s work, that’s bound to influence you.

    There is no such thing as a truly original idea – everything is sparked by something else but it’s about how you take that little spark of inspiration and make it your own I guess.

  5. I've said it before and I'll say it again – it is very rare indeed to find a truly original idea. Everyone gleans inspiration from somewhere and makes it their own.

    Unless it's a blatant copy, people need to lighten up! xx

  6. Totally agree… I also find it very strange when people take credit for very generic concepts or ideas! People have been talking about these things forever… just because they are the first to mention it on Twitter for a while does not mean they invented it!! xx

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