Talking Heads {monday musings}

I watched Julie & Julia on Saturday night, and it was so awesome. I now want to cook everything in the Julia Child cookbook and blog about it, like Julie did. But it’s been done. Oh well! But anyway, if you like food (and blogging!) you should definitely watch it!

At one point in the film, Julie has to kill a lobster for Lobster Thermidor, which leads to her husband teasing her for being a ‘lobster killer’ to the soundtrack of Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’ which will be my Monday Morning tune today! I love the song as it reminds me of being in the car on one of the many camping holidays with my family when I was younger and I would sing along to the “fa fa fa fa” part!

“Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa fa, fafa! Run run run, run run run awaaaay!”

Anyway, onto my ‘to do’ list, which I’m kind of struggling with this week as i have no internet. And no idea when it will come back on as i’ve been without it since Friday now and a certain internet provider who we shall call Shmirgin Pedia are useless!

So I’m at my boyfriend’s parents now replying to as many emails as possible, as although i do get them on my phone I can’t attach anything so can’t send out proofs or invoices or receipts! boo! I think I may have to move into Starbucks for the foreseeable future. So for now I’d like to say “SORRY!” to anybody who is awaiting work or replies for me and “THANK YOU!” for your patience!

I do, however have some things that don’t require the internet, such as preparing for the oh so exciting super duper Midlands Vintage Chic Wedding Fair which is taking place next Sunday! I have lots of bits and bobs to prepare for it so that should keep me busy.

I’m so looking forward to seeting lots of lovely people there – such as Nicola from Eve Lily, Ali Lovegrove, The Butterworths, Lucy Stendall Photography, Yummy Little Cakes, Chloe Adlington from Adore by Chloe and I can’t remember who else but let’s just say i’m super excited! I’m also looking forward to meeting lots of lovely brides and grooms on the day!

I’m only here for another 2 hours so must leave it at that as I need to cram in as much online work as possible before going back home to the internetless flat! Boooooo!

Leah x

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