I LOVE my new printer!!!

Most of you will know that i’ve recently made the move into outsourcing my printer, so I can achieve better quality invitations and have lots more time for design work and other fun projects!

My very first outside printed order arrived today from the awesome Bamb Bamb Campaigns, and i LOVE it!

The colours are so bright, the quality is amazing and I love the fact that I don’t have to cut them out as hate my rubbish old guillotine!

Ashley & Tom went for the Keep Calm and Get Married wedding invitations, and had them personalised to include their names on the front, with A6 blue for the evening invitations and A5 red for the full day invitations!

I hope that they love them as much as i do!

Leah x

Golden Apple
Creative design, Stationery & Wedding
Invitations Leicester
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2 responses to “I LOVE my new printer!!!

  1. What great feedback. Having met with Alex myself recently and looked at the portfolio of excellence! I have no doubt in my mind he should be featured on thebestof Eastbourne!

    I look forward to adding this testimonial!

    Keep up the great work @Bamb_Bamb

  2. Thanks for the comment David – I've had some great feedback from the 'bride to be' too, she loved her invitations!

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