Dance dance dance {monday musings}

It’s Monday again – how did that happen?!

Hope you had a funtastic weekend 🙂
Fajito night was awesome as always on Friday, and Saturday was spent walking around the Thurlaston Carnival: eating Hog Roast, watching the dog show, buying chutney and browsing the craft fair, followed by pints of ale in the pub and dinner with the ‘in-laws’.

Yesterday I went to Lazerquest for the BF’s little brother’s birthday, where I was terrorised by eight 13 year old boys, and sat around the party table on a teeny tiny stool consuming chicken nuggets and chips!

Another of my ‘happy songs’ for you below – ‘Dance Dance Dance’ by Lykke Li, which I like to twirl around the living room to when things get a bit too stressful 🙂

I’ve got lots of fun bits and bobs to do and share with you this week!

I’m MOST excited about appearing super awesome wedding blog Rock n Roll bride tomorrow, but more about that then!

I’ll also be sticking a few new Greetings Card designs on the website in the next few days, as well as doing some bits for the Wedding Reporter (who is back from her holibobs now, hooray!) and discussing more super awesomeness with Ali Lovegrove.

Other stuff…
♥ Catch up with emails – very important, must do this first!!
♥ Share photos from the Wedding Reporter shoot
♥ Meet with venue to finalise details for the next Leicester Wedding Club and plan the Summer BBQ!
♥ Start illustrations for a 1950’s travel inspired bespoke wedding invitation
♥ Create a print for a 1st wedding anniversary, with paper origami heart
♥ Do some work on the handmade jewelery website that i’ve been working on
♥ Logo & banner design for a lovely wedding blog
♥ Finish create the Byron James Photography blog design
♥ Create heart bunting, a banner and tissue paper pom poms for a 70th birthday party
♥ Prepare for the Vintage Chic Wedding Fair (SO excited about this!!)
♥ Go to the gym at least twice a week until the wedding fair, or have no hope of wearing fave vintage dress
♥ Make my Dad a Father’s Day card 🙂
♥ Take Scratch to the vets for his second jab (hooray, two weeks until i can take him for walkies!)
♥ Boring stuff – admin, clean my desk, chase invoices… blah!

What are you up to this week?
Have a lovely Monday!

Leah x

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Invitations Leicester
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