Golden Apple ♥’s Can Dee Cween Cupcakery {Supplier Focus}

I have a totally awesome Leicester local on the blog today, who provides super gorgeous cupcakes!

I first spotted Can Dee Cween Cupcakery after Alyson provided these awesome skull cupcakes for the Leicester Tattoo Convention…

Super cool skull cupcakes

I then met Alyson at the Leicester Wedding Club, and found out that not only does she make amazing cupcakes but is really passionate about what she does!

I asked Alyson some questions to find out more…

Who are you?
Alyson aka. The ” Can Dee Cween “
The CEO, Cleaner and CupCakery Couture Creator

What do you do?
I design, bake, make and decorate luscious little cupcakes.

Awesome cupcakes with ACDC style lettering

Is this your full time job or do you have a day job – if so what is it?
I also have a full time job developing, designing and improving drug treatment services, which does mean some long days as every cupcake is baked fresh, so Im often up and baking at 5am!!!
It is quite a strange combination, cupcakes and drugs.

What do you love most about what you do?
The look on peoples faces when they get their cupcakes, especially if I have designed them from scratch, I love to surprise people.
I also love that I’m not your usual cake baking looking kind of gal, I’ve got tattoos, I’ve got red hair, but I make little pretty things.

Pastel colours, sparkles and flowers? Yes please!

What inspires you?
My inspiration changes on an almost daily basis, I can get excited about anything, at the moment I’m totally into the idea of making the best wedding cupcakes known to man – or woman.
I love the whole vintage look that is currently so popular, the colours are totally lush, I’m currently trawling wedding shops, 2nd hand shops and even furniture stores for ideas

What is the last project you worked on that you were really excited about?
The Florida cupcake range that I recently completed, it was so much fun coming up with the designs, space shuttle cupcake anyone?

Cute summery Florida cupcakes

Favourite cake flavour?
I love the versatility of the good ol’ Vanilla sponge, you can dress it up with so much depending on your mood, maybe some lemon curd,maybe brush Baileys over it when its still warm out of the oven, maybe nutella, maybe big chunks of fresh strawberries , you can just go on and on- oh and all topped with lashings of the creamiest vanilla buttercream ever!!!

And finally… anything else you’re itching to tell me?
I offer a free, no obligation wedding consultation service. I will come to a venue chosen by you, bring cupcakes and help you to choose the ideal cupcake for your wedding, designing them especially for you.
Im even doing a Vegas themed wedding soon, and will be sticking Elvis on one of the cupcakes!!

Super pretty wedding cupcake – i love the pearly detail around the edge.

Thanks Alyson! I’m soo in need of a sugar fix now after all of the talk of cake, nutella, baileys and buttercream – yum!

If you love these cupcakes as much as I do and want to know more about Can Dee Cween Cupcakery, check out the website, or become a fan on Facebook!

If you’d like to be featured here please email

Leah x

Golden Apple
Creative design, Stationery & Wedding
Invitations Leicester
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