Who is Golden Apple??

I’ve been doing lots of supplier focus posts recently, and realised it was about time I told you all a bit more about me!

So here goes….

Who am i?!
I’m Leah (or sometimes Leela)
Girlfriend, best friend, daughter, sister, granddaughter, hostess, perfectionist, hopeless romantic, doodler, dreamer, collector of all things vintage and quirky.

How did I end up making wedding stationery?!

I love to make stuff. Put a piece of paper and a pencil in front of me and I will doodle all over it. My exercise books at school were covered in my swirly inky doodlings.

I am mad about stationery – pens, notebooks, diaries, post it notes, cute paperclips, notecards, postcards…… In previous jobs I was teased for being so mad about stationery, but i’m guessing nobody complained if they got me in the Secret Santa, after receiving lots of lovely Paperchase gifts year after year! My boyfriend has now banned from going into Paperchase, as it’s impossible for me to enter stationery heaven without parting from many of my pennies!

After doing lots of different jobs (graphic designer, marketing manager, hen night specialist, restaurant and cocktail bar manager…) and being mad about weddings the answer was clear – combine my two loves to create unique and quirky stationery!
My invites had to be individual and quirky though… I can think of nothing worse than a ready made card with a “wedding invitation” foil sticker, diamante buckle and stuck on flowers from a packet! So i sat down with my sketchbook and fine liner ink pen to design my very first invitation, and the rest is history!

Random stuff!

I like to dye my hair bright colours. So far this year I’ve been pillar box red and am currently bright coppery orange.

I’m very snobby about cocktails. My favourite cocktail is a Caipirinha. It’s made with limes, sugar and delicious Brazilian Cachaca, which is a liquor made from sugar canes. Although Caipirinhas are my favourite I will usually order a Margarita as I’m so fussy and there are only a few places that can make the perfect Caipirinha!

My favourite colour is Dove Grey, and I also love soft vintage pastel colours like Dusty Pink or Duck Egg Blue.

I love Breakfast at Tiffany’s and have watched it over and over. I think that Audrey Hepburn is so stylish and beautiful.

I live in Leicester, and unlike most people who live here I actually like it! Probably because i’ve explored it’s history and know lots of random facts and stories about it!

I collect vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. My favourite items are my teal 1950’s ballgown, burgundy 1960’s clutch bag with brass fittings and my dainty brown 1950’s court shoes with big black bows on the toes!

One of the best things about my job is when i first meet with a couple and we share our ideas and thoughts – i love to seem them getting inspired and excited about what we can create to make their stationery unique and personal to them.

Leah x

Golden Apple
Creative design, Stationery & Wedding Invitations Leicester
Click here to visit the site


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