I Love Lucy! {Supplier Focus}

I’m not talking about the fabulous 50’s sitcom, but the oh so inspiring Lucy Stendall photography!

As a fellow lover of all things vintage and quirky, Lucy got in touch with me last week, and we instantly hit it off! Like me, she is a hopeless romantic and loves all things… love!

I asked Lucy a few questions…

Who are you? Lucy Stendall. Dreamer. Photographer. Wife, Sister and Daughter (not necessarily in that order)…

What do you do? I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in the East Midlands and taking commissions nationwide to capture images of couples and their nearest and dearest that are real, honest and creative with a touch of whimsy and a splash of vintage. My Husband, Tom, is my assistant and biggest fan and together we shoot a combination of digital and film photographs.

What was the last project you worked on that you were really excited about? Carly and Andrew’s engagement photos spring to mind {you can view these on my blog}.
I found some disused farm buildings, dug out some old props and brought along our medium format film camera for some bonus photos. The couple were amazing, we had great fun and they gave us lots of creative free reign…I’m really pleased with the results.

What do you love most about what you do? I love the power that a single image can have to move and stir up the soul. I have a huge emotional attachment to images and a sense of nostalgia and storytelling of sometimes extravagant proportions. Photography allows me to record that for others to keep forever. I also love it when I meet someone as a client who then becomes a friend.

What inspires you? Light, emotion, a glance, other people’s conversations {especially on public transport}, romance, the details of a well told story whether it’s shared in person, in a movie or through photographs, good old fashioned sweet love.

What is your favourite colour and why? Purple. I don’t know why, but I know I like it and I buy a lot of purple things. Sometimes I only like things because they are purple and that’s when I have to rein myself in.

I like to treat myself to a frosty Margarita at the weekends… what’s your favourite cocktail? Espresso martini is my cocktail of choice.

Favourite treasured possession? I almost left this blank as I don’t think I have one…all the things I can think of are not actually possessions, they are either people, dogs, moments or emotions…the other things are just stuff I could live without if I had to, though I might cry if you take away my photographs {I am quite fond of those}…so I’ll put that.

And finally… anything else you’re itching to tell me? I just ate the most amazing piece of cake x

Want to know more? Click here to visit Lucy’s facebook page, which features photo albums of some more of her gorgeous shoots, or click here to visit her blog!

I’m looking forward to seeing some more beautiful images from Lucy, and can’t wait to work on some fab projects with her in the future!

Lucy has done a blog about me too, and I love love love it! Click here to read it 🙂

Want to be featured here? Email info@goldenappledesigns.co.uk

Leah x

Golden Apple
Creative design, Stationery & Wedding Invitations Leicester
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{All images featured in this post belong to Lucy Stendall – please do not copy or reuse them without the owners permission}



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3 responses to “I Love Lucy! {Supplier Focus}

  1. Oh Lucy – I love your pictures, they always draw me in and I forget to read what's written around them. But I did force myself to read this, and love you even more for it – looking forward to seeing a collaboration between you two!

  2. Thank you for the comment Clare, i'm glad you enjoyed reading the post! 🙂
    Leah x

  3. Ahh thank you Clare, that's wonderful to know x

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